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Welcome …. the Auckland/Northland Regional Committee web page. On this page you will find information about tournaments and events, links to the clubs across the region and news items that we hope you will find useful.

News from across the region

NZBridge Congress - September 2019 - Check it out and Register now

The 34th New Zealand Bridge Congress is the premier bridge event in the annual calendar attended by nearly 700 players each year. In 2019 it will be held in Hamilton from Saturday 28th September to Saturday 5th October (Youth Teams Friday, September 27th) with events open to all levels of players, from grand-master to Novice players. You can enter many individual events or select a cost-effective package to suit you.

Check out the posters for full details NoviceJuniorRestricted

Auckland News with Douglas Russell

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A full copy of Allan's latest news letter 'From the Chair' is now Available here

Changes to board numbers for tournaments

The Board has agreed to adopt the following changes to the board requirements for certain tournament levels. The change is effectively immediately and will be reviewed in 12 months’ time.
• 5A 48 - 60 boards
• 10A 60 - 72 boards
• 15A 72 - 96 boards
• 20A 96 -120 boards
The rationale behind the change is to give directors and event organisers some flexibility when considering the number of tables in play and the time available. This will be particularly useful for mini congress events held over 2 -3 days or more.
Rather than focusing on a minimum number of boards we are implementing a range depending on the level of the event.
As is the case already, the minimum number must be played, however there will be instances where it is appropriate to exceed the upper end in the range and this is acceptable.
Section E of the Manual will be updated to reflect these changes in due course.

Volunteer of the month

This is an award which recognises that so much that is done at our clubs is done by unpaid volunteers. New Zealand Bridge would like to recognise some of these people. They may just provide help over one short-term project or may have been around a club for years, almost a permanent feature, always helping.

We just want to give such people a little recognition, about how valuable they are. As such, they will receive a certificate, presented at a session of their club so that others may acknowledge and appreciate the person’s value to the club. We will also give them a small gift, a bottle of nice wine, a box of chocolates, flowers, depending on who it is.

We need club committees to nominate such people and write a few words about why the person has been nominated and their value to a club. Please email nominations to me at 

We will publish on the NZ Bridge website a photo of the presentation along with the explanation as to why the person has received the award.

New Zealand Bridge appreciates that at every club there are many people who play their part. We are not asking you to choose one person above others. As a club, you may nominate more than one person at different times. Not everyone can receive such an award though those who have, though often in a very modest way, really appreciate the thanks they receive.

Look around your club. Please nominate a person.

Rubber Bridge Draw

For information on the 2019 qualifying draw. Qualifying Draw results available click here  

Bridge Champs      -     Who can be the best pair/individual?

Intermediate Bridge Championship

No entry fee or need to enter. Points awarded for the following events.

15 June Waitemata Intermediate

23 June Dargaville Intermediate/Junior

29 June Howich Intermediate

6 July Mt Albert Intermediate

3 August Auckland Intermediate

21 Sept Franklin Intermediate

Junior Bridge Championship

No entry fee or need to enter. Points awarded for the following events.

15 June Waitemata

23 June Dargaville

24 August Mt Albert

7 Sept Royal Epson

19 Oct North Shore

After each event points will be uploaded to Auckland Northland Regional Bridge site. Points allocated to all entrants and then by placings.

No need to enter all events listed but points awarded equally to each event.

1st 6 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3 points, 5th 2 points, all others 1 point

Full set of rules available here

$200 in prizes for the best Intermediate and $200 for the best Junior     Are you up to it?     Go on give it a go







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