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A joint award this month as Peter Bowyer and Angela Royle have been a real team on the Auckland Northland Regional Committee for a very long time. This award is in recognition of that.

While Angela may not be regarded as a "Volunteer" in terms of the most successful Royle Epsom Bridge Club which she runs, the club is a tremendous asset in the Auckland Bridge scene with Angela spreading her message of what it takes to run a successful bridge club. Meanwhile, she has served the Regional Committee not just a most efficient secretary but as a most personable one as well.

Angela Royal 1.JPG

 Peter has made a big impact on the Regional Committee even in so far as creating the new Auckland-Northland name, in its website and in creating on-line Directors' and Teachers' forums, which have now been taken over by New Zealand Bridge.

He started and maintained a tournament email group and helped clubs if they were short of tournament players….i.e. he would email the players on his tournament email list and promote the club needing help.

He has also given so much time to his own home club, Howick. Current president, Sue Osborne has summarised Peter's contribution as follows:

Peter Bowyer 2016 (3).JPG

Howick's Brian Craig presents Peter (right) with certificate and a small gift.

“Peter has been a member of the Howick Club for 26 years and has done 3 two year stints as President.He is also well known throughout the Auckland Region as a popular Tournament Director with a great sense of humour.

He has been on Howick’s committee for a considerable number of years and swears that this is the last (we shall see!).  This year he has overseen the implementation of the new Compass Scoring system in conjunction with the use of the Bridgemates units. Many hours were spent on emails, visits to the club, overseas phone calls and computer input.

Peter has spent hours and hours of his own free time working for the betterment of the Howick Club. He has carried out every job possible on a voluntary basis and we think he is a well deserved recipient of the NZB Volunteer Award.”

 In presenting the award to Angela, I could feel the warmth and respect from the players at her club. Both Angela and Peter knew that to lead requires a degree of firmness but with both of them, whether governing, directing, even playing, there is always a smile, a feeling that they respect that people come to bridge for enjoyment.

As such, they are both very worthy recipients of "Volunteer of the Month" for August 2016.

Richard Solomon


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